What are the tests for java developers?

Java is an object-oriented programming language, which works on various platforms. It is platform independent, and java compiler achieves this by converting the java code to a bytecode instead of a machinecode. Java Virtual Machine(JVM) translates the code from bytecode to machine code as soon as the program is run. Sun Microsystems has developed a group of software products, collectively known as theJava Platform.

Today, for the hiring process various assessment tests are used, from personality tests to machine tests for developers. Java test are often taken for candidates who wish to be screened for the job of java developers.

The various assessment types for different job types.

  • The job description for any candidate changes according to the type of assessment test employed. Engineers and programmers usually have to appear for a java machine test, whereas web developers and web masters have to be fluent in JSP, the Java-based web language. Apart from that, web developers must also be smart Java programmers, as Java codes can be embedded into the JSP language.

The different positions for which tests are designed:

  • Java Senior Developer test-As per industry standards, subject matter experts design Advanced Java Tests to screen senior developers. A senior developer has to produce top quality precise software applications in Java. They should be fluent with the programming language, and be well-versed with the Java environment. A robust, efficient, and testable application should be produced by them. The topics which are included in their tests are Core Java, OOPS concepts, J2EE, Hibernate, and XML web services, and struts.
  • Junior Java Developer– Junior developers are expected to create robust software applications that are high-quality and are tested thoroughly to contribute to the entire software development cycle. They are also expected to maintain, code, and add functionalities to existing java codes. They have to answer meaningful questions on topics such as Core Java, OOPs concepts, JavaServer Pages, and Servlets.
  • Core Java Test– Candidates are tested for their expertise in Core Java, which is a general-purpose programming language used to compile and run Java programs. The topics under scrutiny include- Core Java, Data Types, Threads, Servlets, and General Aptitude.
  • UI Java Developer Test-A UI Java Developer is an expert in translating computer codes into comprehensible forms such as pictures, videos, music, and make it available on tangible devices. Recruiters evaluate the interface development skills of candidates, and consists of various questions that determine the expertise of the candidate in Java Script, Core Java, and jQuery Functions.

What is Java Code Testing?

  • The java code developed by a software developer is placed in comparison with industry standard coding rules, to determine whether the developed code is optimized, stable consistent, compliant, and portable with the industry standards.
  • Manual code reviewing has no comparison against Automated Java Code Testing as it more efficient and less error prone.
  • The perks of Automated Testing include cost efficiency, enhanced quality of applications and a boost in development.

Hence, candidate screening is essential when it comes to Java developers as they have to compete with the wave of automation.