Warhammer Fantasy Battles Rulebooks 2nd edition, long OOP - rare
Citadel Miniatures Pre Slotta C23 Ogre Blister Card Games Workshop RARE

 from the dean 


Warhammer Orc Goblins - Job Lot Snotlings - Metal oopC20 Skuttlecree Soresmeer - Citadel Metal 1984 Troll Great condition warhammer25mm dark ages viking - archers 24 figures - inf (31948)25mm classical persian - archers 18 figures - inf (31032)

28mm flintloque fantasy dwarf Congreened Dwarf Grenadiers 13 figures {16} (20076)


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25mm 28mm well painted super hero Marvel comics Avengers Goliath champions gurps28mm Bolt Action Chain Of Command Soviet T34 76 Painted & WeatheredUndead Vampire Counts Lahmia Vampire new Blister Warhammer Metal OOPNM 1985 Star Trek RPG FASA Romulan Ship Recognition Manual
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B1 in search of adventure basic D&D RPG dungeon & dragons adventure module book
Bill Maurer, Dean


Item scifi alien - fleet 10 figures - spaceship (23796)TSR AD&D 2e PLANESCAPE THE FACTOLS MANIFESTO 2611 VGC ADV DUNGEON DRAGONLotr warhammer Metal Glorfindel. Lord Of The West25mm dark ages viking - spearmen 12 figs inf - inf (22719)

Citadel Marauder MS4 Ogre Hero Imperial OOP Metal Painted Warhammer AOS 80s G183 |   Walled Home - Samurai Japanese Traditional Building - Wargaming - Test of Honour