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What Is a Roth IRA?

A Roth IRA is a special retirement account where you pay taxes on money going into your account and then all future withdrawals are tax free. 1987 Vintage G1 Transformers Predacon Divebomb Boxed Complete Booklet FREESHIP

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Roth IRAs are best when you think your taxes will be higher in retirement than they are right now. They can be especially good for young savers or in years when you don't have much other income. Transformers for Toddlers LOT of 14 - Optimus Prime and Friend

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You can't contribute to a Roth IRA if you make too much money. For singles, this starts at $118,000. For married couples, it is $184,000. R Takara Transformers Masterpiece MP28 MP-28 Cybertron Hot Rod Rodimus Figure

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Generally $5,500 a year unless you are over 50 in which case it goes up to $6,500. 2005 Transformers AFA Cybertron Landmine Tape Sealed MISB MIB BOX

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Almost all brokerage firms will offer a Roth IRA. You should consider a brokerage like Fidelity or E*Trade that offer low-cost funds. "Lifecycle" funds that automatically rebalance and adjust over time are especially good for Roth IRAs. Transformer Transformer Foma Mubi Tc-09 Battle Command Optimus Prime

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Get a range of investment choices, tax advantages and 1:1 help with a Fidelity Roth IRA

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Get up to $600 when you invest in a new Merrill Edge IRA. Plus one-on-one guidance, actionable insights and easy-to-use tools.

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Chelsea Clinton and The Insidiousness of Islamophobia

It is an insidious iteration of white supremacy that vilifies Dweick while simultaneously positioning Clinton’s demeanor as that of a victim. By Anuhya Bobba Last Friday, Chelsea Clinton attended a New York Transformers G1 Powerglide 1985 Hasbro AFA 85 NM+ Excellent condition vintage

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A Call-In: What Terry Crews Got Wrong And How He Can Fix It

Those who consider themselves allies and male feminists need to learn how to listen to the communities they claim to support. By Sherronda J. Brown and Lara Witt It's been more than a week since Terry Crews New Transformers Masterpiece MP-32 Convoy Beast Wars F S from japan

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Captain Marvel accurately depicts the reality of what being talked at by men is like. This essay contains spoilers for "Captain Marvel" “Captain Marvel” is an ode to the 90s, and to the power of womxn and the TRANSFORMERS IDW Deluxe Orion Pax Hoist Trailcutter Arcee Skids Scoop Lot NEW


In this essay by TaLynn Kel for #BodyPositivityInColor, she discusses the politics of cosplay, how she navigates it as a fat, Black woman and why it is a liberatory form of self-expression for non-normative bodies. Takara Diaclone Train Robo No .6 Raiden Japan 1980 Kaen Headmasters Transformers

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‘Captain Marvel’ and the Power of Women’s Emotions

Captain Marvel serves as reminder that emotional, compassionate, angry, resilient, brave, loud girls and women are dangerous to oppressive structures. This article contains spoilers for the Marvel film, “Captain ...

Nothing About Being Black is Easy, Including Our Hair Care.

Black people are allowed to be honest about our struggle with natural hair. Twitter is an interesting place. There are always arguments and debates happening, many of them inconsequential to my existence. But Fight Super Robot Life Form Trans Formers Master Masterfolio Paper Padding

How Men Can Be Slightly Less Trash

Cisgender men need to intentionally open themselves up to more than just their own perspectives, opinions and experiences. Cisgender men often ask me what they can do as “allies” or “accomplices” to women, Tobot V Great Admiral Transformation Robot to Vehicle Toy Action Figure Express

TRANSFORMERS - Reveal the Shield BATTLE IN SPACE - Rodimus & Cyclonus MISB

The latest episode is completely honest about how complicated sexual assault cases are and how women are constantly forced to choose between ourselves, our careers, our livelihoods, and justice. This essay MakeToys Paladin Chaos Transformers Fallen Figure

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In this letter for #BodyPositivityInColor Asia Renée apologizes to her skin for not cherishing it—its richness, its history and its significance as part of her identity. She acknowledges how she was raised without ...

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In attempts to celebrate one woman's work, reports disregarded the work of another. In 2013, Cy Lauz soft launched Chrysalis, a lingerie line catering exclusively to trans women. After she had consistent HASBRO TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS POWER OF THE PRIMES DELUXE WAVE 2 ACTION FIGURE

Hasbro Year of The Horse 2014 Optimus Prime Masterpiece Transformers MP-10

For National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Gloria Oladipo explores the difficulties of receiving treatment as a Black woman and the ways in which the treatment can and should improve by tackling colonialism and ...