Benefits of Hiring Injury Lawyers

If you have been injured in an accident and you want to find out whether you are eligible for compensation, or how much your claim might be worth, then you should speak with a lawyer. Injury lawyers are the best people to seek advice from following an accident, because they are qualified to offer legal advice. Their experience will also ensure that you are afforded with valuable information based on the nuances of your specific case.

What makes a good lawyer?

Of course, not all lawyers are created equal. Some are better than others.

When it comes to determining what makes a good lawyer, there are two things which immediately spring to mind.

The first of those things is case experience. Ideally, you want a lawyer on your side who has processed many cases similar to your own. So for example, if you have been injured in a road traffic accident involving a motorcyclist, then a lawyer who is used to processing car and motorbike accident claims will be best-placed to help you with your claim. The second of those things is a lawyer’s ‘success rate’. The success rate is a percentage of the amount of cases that a lawyer has won. The higher the percentage the better. The best lawyers have a success rate over 80 per cent and once you get into the 90s’ you can be sure of the very best legal representation. Look out for case experience and success rates above all else.

Additional factors to consider with lawyers

If you do not have a means of coordinating your own medical care throughout the claims process, a good solicitor will do this for you. They may also be able to coordinate care for your family if they too have been affected by your accident directly or indirectly. In addition to this, if you are struggling financially because of your accident, a good lawyer will be able to refer you to people who can help you, such as charitable organisations.

Pushing for the maximum pay-out

Crucially, by opting for an experienced lawyer, you can be sure that your lawyer will push for the maximum amount of compensation possible – so that you receive and fair and proportionate settlement figure. Your lawyer will also put in a claim for ‘special damages’, which is the compensation awarded for financial loss related to an accident. With regards to this, you can claim back any related lost income and expenses – or income support or other benefits, if your injuries have caused you to lose out on them. This compensation will be calculated by your lawyer and tacked onto your demand for injury compensation. Typically, special damages accounts for 20-30 per cent of a total claim’s value.