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Pelosi enrages the ‘resistance’, dashes hopes on Trump impeachment: ‘We’re not at that place’

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Don Jr drops perfect solution to California’s ‘jaw-dropping’ homeless epidemic: ‘You’re welcome’

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Trump calls out ‘mess’ Pelosi for lying about his ‘demeanor’ during infrastructure meeting, calls up witnesses to prove it

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Judge orders Antifa activist, schoolteacher to pay Judicial Watch $22,000 in legal fees

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Dem Rep Cohen questions Pelosi’s patriotism as she feels heat for not endorsing impeachment

Don Jr drops perfect solution to California’s ‘jaw-dropping’ homeless epidemic: ‘You’re welcome’

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New study puts power behind ‘secret’ voters in perspective… and it’s not good news for Dems

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Chuck Todd inadvertently debunks himself when he claims GOP’s ‘only’ accomplishment is ‘protecting Trump’

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John Cusack blows a MAGA-gasket after he’s spotted ‘firmly seated’ during military salute at Cubs game

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Lou Dobbs: Trump was right to walk out of meeting, ‘the hell with them!’

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Tucker had ‘total con’ Avenatti’s number all along, plays devastating media clips: How can they be that dumb?

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Obama-appointed judge rules that Deutsche Bank and Capital One may provide Trump’s financial records to House Democrats

Anne Hathaway: White women, white men to blame for future black deaths due to AL anti-abortion law

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Tucker Carlson: Immigrants pummeled ‘the American Piñata’ and now the US is being plundered

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Fox & Friends ask Sarah Sanders to explain Drudge’s ‘incorrect’ WALL STALL headline

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Don Jr. nabs book deal, quickly gets title suggestions trending online

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NRA aids in push for second amendment sanctuaries, docs show